A School with a View

As promised yesterday, we have included some photos which convey the beauty of our experiences much more convincingly than my words. We drove to La Cuchilla first thing in the morning. It rained heavily last night and, if possible, the verdure was even more lush and vibrantly green. Many hillsides served as pasture for cows and goats, and their hunger transformed the pastures into an expanse of grass every bit as even and perfect as a golf course. We are off to dinner, so I will let you enjoy the pictures in peace….





2 thoughts on “A School with a View

  1. Paula Ledbetter says:

    How thrilling your work must be!!!! God bless you, my friends, Mark, Sally, and Marty, and all those darling children. (But He already blessed the children tthrough you). Prayers for continued safety and success are bringing offered to our God.Love,Paula

  2. Traci Gotlieb says:

    Mark and Sally,Love seeing the photos and hearing about your exciting journey! I know it’s a labor of love and I can’t wait to see your smiling faces in Roatan. Love,Traci

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