Benefactors cont…..

Here’s the list I mentioned earlier…….

First, there’s my mother-in-law, Joanne Hunter…..and her many dear friend’s at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Second, Terry and Kathy Scanlan….

Next, there are Jim and Sally Swope from St. Andrew’s…

Then, Bishop Gary Lillibridge of the Diocese of West Texas….

Then, Lauren and Alan Willis…… My goddaughter and her fortunate husband….

Then, our dear friend Gene Ann Herrin and her mother

Then, Sam and Diane Gottlich of St. Andrew’s..

And, Nancy Ewald of St. Andrew’s…

I will continue this list later.  This weekend is the annual barbeque and auction for St. Andrew’s Honduras Missions, of which our project is a small part. This is the jubilee year for these missions. Some fine people have been working in Honduras for the entire 25 years. Some of these are: Dr. Bill and Lynn Campaigne; Dr. Henry Moore; Angie de los Santos; and a barbeque crew led by Linda Lynn and Frank Galaway.




This is a newspaper photo of Owen in Honduras. We’ve had some good news. Ashleigh Scanlan, a fluent Spanish speaker and general bon vivant, will definitely be joining us in Santa Rosita. We are gathering quite an eccentric and fun-loving group.Sally and I have finalized our language school plans. We’ll be in Copan from June17th to the 24th. We hope to explore the Mayan ruins there, before joining our team in Siguatepeque on the 25th. Spring has yet to officially arrive, but I feel new life growing in me.




As mentioned earlier, our project is named in honor of our son, Owen. I’ve included a photo to give you a sense of what a fine man he would have become. Valentine’s day will never be the same without him.

On a more positive note, Adam Holt at OLPC will be finalizing our order for 100 XOs. We had an adventure clarifying an address in Siguatepeque that DHL could deliver to without confusion. Our contact in Honduras, Oscar Ochoa, will be in Texas for the Diocesan Council of the Diocese of West Texas. We will discuss customs duties and other logistics with him in person. He’s quite excited about the OLPC mission to transform rural Third World education, and understands that this is only the beginning. We are also in contact with other potential group members. Owen’s great friend, Meredith Cockerell, a trainer at Dartmouth, has expressed an interest in going. More later…


More TOP news…….

Our goal to raise enough money for 100 XOs and shipping them to Honduras has been reached! We’ve learned that the XOs, model 1.5, will be shipped from Shanghai to Siquatepeque in Honduras by early June. Sally and I will be in Copan near the Mayan ruins at a Spanish language school early in June. We will meet our team in Siquatepeque on June 25th. Then we will travel together up into the mointains and the cloud forest to Santa Rosita.  As of this writing our team includes: Sally and I;  Linda and Richard Grey, a teacher and computer consultant respectively  and their two daughters; our nephew, Will Hunter, a student in San Antonio; our nephew, Patrick Scanlan, who is with Teach for America; and our neice, Ashleigh Scanlan, who is the lone progressive in her family. More later……