The Secret Life of Trees

There are books about the secret lives of bees and dogs and dolphins. I’m waiting for a book that explores the secret lives of trees. This morning we went to a school on yet another distant peak. We were joined by our brother Bill Hunter, our nephew, Will, Peter Englefield from San Antonio and his son, Andrew, from China. We drove north on the main road to San Pedro Sula for about 45 minutes and then turned off onto another dirt road. We left houses behind rather quickly and began a series of dizzying ascents. After about an hour, each hairpin turn rewarded us with a vista more expansive and breath-taking than the last. There was bright sunshine throughout, which brought out the many shades of green made even more vibrant by the mists that had burned off by early morning. We were packed into the back of the truck making conversation more difficult so I looked out meditatively. The trees stood out from the green riot and spoke to me, somehow. Just where the mountain sides were steepest, it seemed that beans or coffee would be planted there on contours that stood out from the surrounding jungle. The trees located in these fields stood out like sentinels surveying their territories, proud and silent, full of quiet strength. More than the trees crowding together in the untouched mountain forests, these trees seemed to exist in a world indifferent to human concerns; in spite of their being surrounded by fields torn from the earth for food. They seemed to say that, ultimately, that all of our proud efforts would be erased by root and vine. Finally we arrived at San Jose de la Cuesta. The two-room school house was literally bursting with excited children. We stayed all morning introducing the XO. At lunch time we were greeted by the local PTA, two of whom made speeches whose dignity and formality reminded me of the women in Santa Rosita. We were all reminded that a parent’s love for their children and their hopes for their futures are universal. Any of you reading this would have immediately registered the emotions present whether you speak Spanish or not.We’re off to dinner. More later. Pictures too!!With love,Mark


2 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Trees

  1. Gene Ann says:

    "The beloved of the LORD dwells in safety. The High God surrounds him all day long, and dwells between his shoulders." Safe travels my dear friends, and bless you all for the wonderful gifts that you ARE, and ARE GIVING to all the children with who you come in contact in Honduras.

  2. j.donegan says:

    So beautiful. Thank you for giving us a small piece of your experience. Love to Sally and you! Josephine and Jillian

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