For we, which now behold these present days, Have eyes to wonder, but lack tongues to praise.

Spring has arrived in Texas and we are all feeling that distinctive enchantment which includes even the everyday objects around us. Those of you from colder climes may be laughing, but three days without sunshine makes us melancholy. Were I decades younger, I would be admiring someone from afar. Speaking of afar, after a year’s hiatus, the Owen Project will be in Honduras again this summer. Health concerns kept me away last year, leaving a moral and spiritual hole in 2019. When I looked into the abyss, near death,  I saw that the media torrent in which we live exhausts us, rendering us numb and insensate. According to the line  from  Shakespeare’s  sonnet 106  above, therefore, we may have neither the eyes to wonder nor the tongues to praise. We see too much, or too little of value. All the clamoring for attention: how I long for the moral clarity, the effortless piety of being in Honduras.

We will be in Siguatepeque early in June, luxuriously accommodated at the Zari Hotel. Six or seven graduating seniors from our high school will be with us. I’ll include pictures of these adventurous souls next time. We will deploy 100 XO laptops in the rural schools outside of Siguatepeque. This will be our ninth summer in Honduras. Time passes.

With thanks,



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