All Journies Begin With A Single Step

We leave for Honduras next week on July 7th. This Sunday our group will be commissioned at church. Once again, I feel as if I am being swept along by a strong but gentle wind. In fact the world again feels full of meaning and significance. Waking life now seems dream like, and simple experiences feel exciting and mysterious. Our group this year will include: Sally and I; Richard, Linda, Sofia and Natalia Grey; Meredith Cockerell; our Seguin friend and retired teacher, Marty Keil; and our brother Bill Hunter and our nephew Will. We have three schools this year in and around Siguatepeque. We will borrow XOs from Santa Rosita because our new shipment will arrive in August. This year we will concentrate on training the teachers, encouraging them to explore the potential of the XO and of digital learning in general. Honduran teaching practices are hierarchical and teacher directed. Though the XO activities seem like games, they are cleverly designed to encourage individual initiative and exploration and can be used to drive instruction and to consolidate learning through practice. We hope to make this apparent to the teachers and parents. Second, we hope to secure Internet access for all present and future Owen Project schools. This will necessitate some interaction with Education Ministry officials. We hope that our return with 100 more computers will establish our bona fides with them. Lastly, We hope to work with older students on English language skills. We are fully funded for next year as well, based on the current price of the XO 1.75. If the XO tablet is available and priced around $ 100 US, then we will be able to double our order. As I write this I feel surrounded by all of the people who have loved and supported us in this effort. As always, I hope Owen approves. With care,mark