Back in the Saddle Again

During my long absence from this blog much has transpired. First, we ordered our 100 XOs for this year, though they will arrive after we leave Honduras once again. We will order next year’s 100 in the Fall. For those of you thinking of using XOs from OLPC, I would recommend  ordering  6-8 months before you plan to be in country to be sure the computers are there when you are. We are 0 for 2 so far. Also, the XO tablet will be out sometime this year at a price much less than the XO 1.75 ( I’ve heard around US $100) The Honduran Ministry of Education has found three new schools for us, but the promised internet connection for the schools in Santa Rosita and in Siguatepeque has yet to be secured. We hope to work this out in July using data tranmission towers already in place for cell phones and cable reception.We also realize that in the interests of sustainability we should spend more time teaching the teachers. As OLPC promised, the students took to the XOs almost immediately. Now we need to show the teachers all that the XO can do to not only supplement the traditional curriculum, but to explore the possibilities of digital learning and enrichment. We will be in Siguatepeque from July 7 to the 14th, visiting the new schools as well as the old. Again, our Honduran partners will receive the shipment of XOs in August and manage the disbursement to the children. We are commited  to giving the computers directly to the students, after hearing many beautiful stories of children teaching their parents how to go on- line.

Our Episcopal Diocese of West Texas has been very generous and supportive. We are almost funded for next year! There is present here in Texas a small community of experienced missioners who are moral exemplars for us. As a teacher in the Public Schools I have had the opportunity to work with many truly selfless and idealistic people, but these quiet, masterful people possess some additional quality, some larger moral framework that is extraordinary. I will try to capture this in the next post.

                                                                                    With care and appreciation,