Rip van Winkle

As always, returning to the United States after a time overseas is a lesson in the magnitude of the sensory overload called American popular culture. Instead of being stimulated by all these attractive images, catchy tunes and advertising jingles, I feel as if I were asleep. I have just woken to realize that it is already the second six weeks of the new school year and months since I last blogged. Much has happened. First, the XOs arrived in Siguatepeque in August. Once there, Oscar Ochoa and Oscar Gross II catalogued them, booted up the software and created a sign in system to track the laptops’ whereabouts. In September. on the International Day of the Child, the XOs finally made it into the hands of the children of Santa Rosita. I’ll post pictures of this happy event later. Oscar Ochoa was also able to get internet service to Santa Rosita and a promise to do likewise for future Owen Project schools. It seems that the Honduran Ministry of Education has noticed our efforts and is interested in our cooperating with them. The government of Taiwan has donated computers for use with older students. Perhaps the XOs could be directed to elementary aged students. Almost evryone we met in Honduras knew of a school that could use XOs Both Oscars have been searching for new schools in the Santa Rosita and Siguatepeque area. We will equip two new schools with XOs next June. Also, with Oscar Gros’ help, we plan to skype Santa Rosita students from my campus in Seguin. We have many fluent Spanish speakers who are excited to converse with the students in Santa Rosita. My principal, Elisa Carter, is quite excited and is considering setting up a sister school relationship.

Two weeks ago I participated in an interview with a writer from the Seguin Gazette, our local newspaper. The story made it onto the front page soon thereafter. Tomorrow I will travel to San Antonio to the Diocese of West Texas with Bill Campaigne where we will report on our respective missions in Honduras. The Diocese has been quite generous in its support of the Owen Project. This includes a very substantial donation for next summer’s trip to Honduras. We will be traveling to other congregations later this Fall and Winter to gather more funds.

On the OLPC front there is exciting news about an XO-3 tablet, which will be available sometime in 2012 for around $ 100. We are hoping to be able to order these for next summer. If not, there is an XO-1.75 model that will definitely be available. We plan to order in December to ensure their arrival by June  2012 when our team arrives.

Till later,