Gracias Dios


We slept in this morning, laying in bed until after 6!  Our entire team seems as emotionally and physically exhausted as I am. With this bit of time to ourselves I have had the opportunity to look back in wonder. As you can see from the  photos below, the school building in Santa Rosita is quite humble. The leaders of the community dream of a new building. We are thus facing one of the key problems addressed very well by OLPC:  how to get people to reimagine education as something other than a building, a teacher, a room full of books, a hierarchical system. Linda posed the issue to them in a very creative way by saying what use is a mansion if there is no love inside?  What’s the use of a new building with no access to the wider world. Now that I have mentioned Linda, I can’t say enough about her contribution to The Owen Project. It is as much her dream as it is Sally and mine. Then there is Richard’s input, vision, curiosity and enthusiasm, which have given us all direction and confidence. I have yet to mention Sofia and Natalia who have been real troopers, and have contributed as teachers and as comic relief during all of our meals. I keep forgetting how young they are-11 and 9. Here are the final issues we face during our final three days in Santa Rosita. First, we must formalize how the 100 XOs are to be distributed, how they are to be inventoried and maintained, and who will oversee their use in the village. Second, we have to meet with the parents of the children to explain their and their childrens’ responsibilities for each XO, and to underscore that each child  will have use of their own XO as long as they attend school at Santa Rosita. Third, we have to explore ways to get internet access to Santa Rosita. There are cell phone and data transmission towers on nearby mountains. We need to explore getting access to these towers and utilizing satallite dishes to capture a signal.  Goodnight,




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