This is a newspaper photo of Owen in Honduras. We’ve had some good news. Ashleigh Scanlan, a fluent Spanish speaker and general bon vivant, will definitely be joining us in Santa Rosita. We are gathering quite an eccentric and fun-loving group.Sally and I have finalized our language school plans. We’ll be in Copan from June17th to the 24th. We hope to explore the Mayan ruins there, before joining our team in Siguatepeque on the 25th. Spring has yet to officially arrive, but I feel new life growing in me.


3 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Terry Scanlan says:

    MarkI am excited for you and Sally. That was a great picture you posted. It triggered a lot of memories….some very sad and some very funny. I think quite often of the time Owen lived with us during Patrick’s senior year of high school. There is no doubt that if Owen had the opportunity he would have followed the footsteps of you and Sally….which is why this is such a fitting project to honor Owen. I am really proud of you guys. Lots of love from the conservative portion of the family. This is my first response to a blog so hopefully you receive.

  2. meghan scanlan says:

    Wow! My Uncle Mark is blogging! How exciting. This sounds like such a great trip- I wish I could take some time off this summer, but this summer is definitely packed! I love you guys so much and am so proud of this adventure!

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