As mentioned earlier, our project is named in honor of our son, Owen. I’ve included a photo to give you a sense of what a fine man he would have become. Valentine’s day will never be the same without him.

On a more positive note, Adam Holt at OLPC will be finalizing our order for 100 XOs. We had an adventure clarifying an address in Siguatepeque that DHL could deliver to without confusion. Our contact in Honduras, Oscar Ochoa, will be in Texas for the Diocesan Council of the Diocese of West Texas. We will discuss customs duties and other logistics with him in person. He’s quite excited about the OLPC mission to transform rural Third World education, and understands that this is only the beginning. We are also in contact with other potential group members. Owen’s great friend, Meredith Cockerell, a trainer at Dartmouth, has expressed an interest in going. More later…


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